Thursday, November 29, 2012

Church Plant in Surigao

Dear Family and Friends, Howdy! We have just planted the 28th church in the city of Surigao, the capital of Surigao del Norte. the last week of October. This church planting was sponsored by the Sugar Grove Church of Christ in Meadows Place, Texas. Surigao City is located down on the southern island of Mindanao. We spent a whole week knocking doors trying not "to leave any stone left unturned" covering every street and home. The first morning was fine and sunny, but suddenly in the afternoon very heavy rains started to pour. Then we found out from folks with televisions that the meteorolgist have forecasted that a signal number 2 typhoon is about to hit land. There were more than 60 MOSES workers and no one is prepared with rain coats, except that a few of the ladies had umbrellas. But then the strong winds made those umbrellas useless. As we assembled that afternoon before hitting the streets again, everyone were looking at me (though no one ever said a word), but their eyes were looking at me saying, "What are we going to do?" Then I broke the silence and said, "There's only one thing to do- to go out and continue the work! Many of us may never be in this place again, this is the only time we have. Move on army! Let's turn this adversity into opportunity! " Then everyone marched out onto the streets with bibles and flyers (wrapped with plastic bags) in their hands. I'm not a slave driver, but rather I'm humbled to witness the boldness and convictions of this "army of God" with the good news in their hands trying to persuade folks in Surigao to hear the gospel and come to the gospel meeting at night time. Though it was flooding and raining people still came to the gospel meeting at the spacious and air conditioned cultural center that we rented. It's the most popular place in the city for large gatherings. We have contacted so many people and conducted bible studies in their home too. In the middle of a typhoon is a great time to go door knocking- everyone is in their homes. As a result, we have baptized 15 souls who fellowshipped with us during the first Sunday.It's so amazing to see the fruits of our labors that God have blessed tremendously! No words can express my gratitude to all the workers who braved the storm because they love the Lord first and they love to seek out the lost. Most of them are just ordinary men and women who are committed to the great commission. There is just so much to do and works in every hand, we'll just pray that He will send more laborers in His harvest. In Him, Richard